I don’t see you proving me wrong

Also, I don’t see you proving me wrong. Most of what I say about GITS’ popularity in the West compared to Japan is somewhat true. I was corrected. The best option would be a change in state law. Countered the city wouldn have the problem if officials followed their own laws and procedures.In the past, some Seelbach supporters have alleged COAST criticizes Seelbach because he is gay and helped work to repeal Article 12 in 2004.Article 12, which was passed by voters in 1993, prohibited city officials from passing any laws that protected gays and lesbians from discrimination or hate crimes. Finney helped draft the law, and campaigned for its passage.Finney adamantly denies that sexual orientation plays a role in COAST actions.have been pretty consistent to sticking on the issue of misspending taxpayer dollars, Finney said.would not matter if it was a NRA convention, a Civil Rights march, the RNC Convention or a trip to the White House, he added.

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