The Viet Cong failed to take two things

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“We really wanted to win the gold, but silver is a very great accomplishment for the girls,” said head coach Greg Usher. “The girls played their hearts out against a very strong and fast Woodstock team. Making it to the LLFHL Championships for the first time took a lot of hard work and dedication.

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Looks to me like all the berries are coming

“Looks to me like all the berries are coming in all at once, and there’s no real outlet for them,” said Billy McNanny, a 62 year old Hammond resident who has a stand across Southwest Railroad Avenue from Hammond Square Mall. “And the farmers are panicking about this, and they’re trying to get them to move.” In February, temperatures in the Hammond area averaged 49.6 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.6 degrees below normal, said Elizabeth Mons, service climatologist for the Southern Regional Climate Center at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Rainfall during that month was 8.71 inches, 2.97 inches above normal, Mons said.

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